Lots of people have been asking me why I need an iPad (I plan on getting one really soon).

Here are the answers that I've been giving them (and myself) on why I need an iPad, before owning one:
  • It turns on really fast (much faster than a laptop). This is great for taking notes, looking something up, checking my calendar...
  • Relatively lightweight to carry around. I know a netbook may be lighter but carrying around an iPad is lighter than my laptop
  • It can do most of the essential things I need to do on my laptop, especially when on the go: email, web, docs (mainly Google docs), twitter, watching videos, Skype
  • It has a great interface for playing games
  • The non-committal data plan. Whenever I'm in the States I can just purchase a $15 dataplan for that specific month, directly from the device. Very convenient. 
  • It's cool, innovative, and really sleek (I gotta be a part of the revolution), which brings me to my final reason:
  • Cuz I'm a geek, duh :)
So it won't replace my laptop altogether but while travelling it pretty much has me covered.

Here are the things I think I will be missing by carrying around only an iPad:
  • No way to sync my iPhone (for backing up and transferring media)
  • No Bittorrent client
  • No way to convert videos for viewing on the iPad