The N-Word

Check out this video of some school teacher who got caught saying the N-word.

This is the real deal!

Life in the Googleplex

Those poor saps who work at Google are forced to take haircuts and swim at work!

Just check out this tour of the Googleplex...


Self Parking

You gotta hate parallel parking, right?

Just get your hands on a self parking Toyota Prius and you can forget about parallel parking for the rest of your life (or at least the car's life).

Check out the clip...

Madonna Video Coming Soon

Look at what I got when I tried to view a Madonna video on iTunes (don't ask me why I tried to do that :).

You just have to wait a few years...

Super Bowl XL Commercials

In case you missed the Super Bowl this year you definitely don't want to miss out on the best part: the commercials.

Google Video is hosting all the ads (you can even watch them back-to-back) so they're real easy to view (don't have to wait an hour for them to download...).

As always, the Bud commercials rock, the Ford Escape Hybrid was cool, and Sierra Mist was ok.

The MacGyver ad was nice but whoa, talk about 80s!

Space Worms

Space Worms is an online game that is kinda similar to snake (you know the annoying cellphone game) only much more fun.

In this game you need to control your ball so that the other balls don't hit you.

The trick is to break free and then get the balls to orbit around you.

Simple but fun!

BTW: I made it to level 8.

3D Painted Rooms

Check out these cool rooms that are painted so that when you look at them from the right angle you see an optical illusion.

Very cool stuff!