Using Gmail to...

If you're interested in finding out some interesting uses of Gmail then check out this article.

It'll show you how to use Gmail as a to-do list (together with filters), search through your favorite RSS feeds, use Gmail to find torrent files, use Gmail as a Notepad (actually now it can even be more like Word since they have rich-text editing capabilities), use Gmail as a spam filter, and use Gmail as storage for a photo gallery.

Nice stuff!

Save My Ass

Guess what Save My Ass is about?

Survival techniques?

What to do if a bear attacks you or if you are stranded on a deserted island after falling off a cruise ship?

Guess again...

Save My Ass is a personal assistant that helps you make your girlfriend or wife happy by sending her flowers on your behalf, on a regular but semi-random basis.

You can schedule flowers for all obligatory dates she expects and you'll score major points by making deliveries she doesn't expect.

Don't you just love the Internet?

2600 Link

I just discovered that Edward Stoever from the wrote an article in 2600 Magazine about Hacking Encrypted HTML (warning: pdf link, here's Google's HTML cache of it).

What does that have to do with me?

Well, I'll quote from the article:

My personal favorite way of encrypting text strings can be found here:

Guymal's utility is easy to use, quick and free.

Another rung in the ladder towards being the king of all media... :o)

Cool Kids Talk

Thanks to Microsoft I can finally be like all the cool kids (oops I mean l33t |<1D5).

You can too, just read their parent's primer to computer slang!

Finally I can rock with all the kewl d00dz.

Webdeveloper FF Extensions

Here's a list of some excellent Firefox extensions for web developers.

I discovered a few extensions there that seem invaluable (I haven't checked them all yet): View Rendered Source, View Formatted Source, MeasureIt, and of course the must-have Web Developer Toolbar (that's I've been using for quite a while now).

Automatic Door

Some Japanese guys developed a new sliding door that automatically opens according to the shape of the person who is passing through it (in order to minimize the size of the door opening).

I guess the idea is to keep out dust and save on air-conditioning.

Check out this video of it.